Corporate parties, New Year's holidays, days off and wellness


By ordering the event for 15-40 players , you will get men's and women's saunas for an hour on sale!


Are you tired of boring and monotonous company parties? The new Airsoft Arena will definitely offer you different exciting feelings and sport experience that will suit both men and women. The largest year-round airsoft arena in Europe and its numerous services, which include a ping pong table, sauna, cafe and restaurant, are at your disposal. From now on, it's easy to start planning an unforgettable day. Trust me, the stories about these parties will be enough for years to come.

Choose suitable weapons and equipment as well as a game scenario for your team

Get unforgettable gaming experience and call your team for the team work

Spend your time with colleagues with good food and drinks


Airsoft Arena is the largest all-the-year-round airsoft arena in Europe. 1700 square meters, three floors, dozens of rooms, stairs, bridges, more than a hundred kinds of simple and VIP weapons, a unique system of fixing hits, comfortable outfit and protective uniforms - all this makes the gaming experience very realistic and unforgettable.

More than 1700 square meters of Gaming space and three floors

More than 100 kinds of weapons

Different game scenarios


Weapon weight and appearance, material, recoil, extraction of shot cartridges, laser, thermal and optical scopes, lanterns, tracers and many other factors ensure that the gaming experience will be genuine and real-life.

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All our game scenarios are created by professionals. Choose a role for yourself! You can be Special Forces, a terrorist, police or a fighter. Rob a bank! Disarm the bomb! Take up the position! Fight against criminals!

Robbing a bank is not at all an easy task, and you will have to see it doing it yourself. Each stage of the robbery has a time limit, and only the exact execution of tasks will delay the arrival of Special Forces. However, it is up to you – you can also join the police and take part in the release of hostages and capture of robbers being a part of SWAT. So, what do you want to be? The choice is yours!

A group of militants activated an explosive device. Your squad needs to find the location, fight, get it and dispose the bomb. Do not count on fast outcome of the battle, as the resistance will be fierce. The demining of a nuclear suitcase takes time and that makes the process more difficult. Take a position and help your friends, whatever side you decide to join.

Syndikaattiryhmä valloitti kolme tärkeää viestintäkeskusta kaupungissa. jos et saa ne takaisin, kaupunki on hyökkääjien käsissä. SWAT: n on valloitettava nämä kohdat ja suojata niitä, kunnes pääjoukot saapuvat.

Nyt on Team DeathMatch:in aika. Vain vahvin tiimi selviää!


Mikä voisi olla parempaa kuin rentouttava lepohetki saunassa, jossa voit käydä läpi ystäväsi kanssa pelin yksityiskohdat? Saunan hinta on 25€/h ja se tulee varata pelin varauksen yhteydessä tai paikan päällä ennen peliä. Unohtuiko vaatekaapin lukko? Ei hätää! Voit kätevästi ostaa sen palvelutiskiltämme. Saunaan mahtuu samaan aikaan noin 7hlö.

Exquisitely decorated & diverse premises

The premises of Airsoft Arena are great for big holidays. Ask for a special offer and organize unforgettable celebrations for your company, Christmas parties or birthdays!


Year-round indoor game arena

Comfortable protective equipment

No mess and colour spots

Sauna & shower for men and women

Good location and own parking


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Are you missing your own equipment? No worries! Airsoft business MilGear offers all the necessary equipment at an affordable price!

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