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Airsoft is a Japanese-based fighting game born after Japan lost World War II, which banned the use of its own army and weapons. However, the Japanese found a clever way to train soldiers. They have invented exact replicas of weapons that fired harmless plastic bullets with a caliber of 6 mm and a weight of 0.20 to 0.40 g instead of bullets. This is how AIRSOFT was born.

Airsoft guns have the look, weight, and even some characteristics of a real gun (for example, a serial assault rifle firing speed of up to 1,000 bullets per minute). This allows for safe exercises. The only difference is the bullet (ball) output speed. All other things are without change. That way of practicing at some point moved to the United States and Europe and became the entertainment of military tactical games. Today, there are hundreds of airsoft communities in different countries and dozens of gun and ammunition manufacturers. Airsoft is popular with children and adults alike.


We are open to all ages. Everyone needs
experience and practice at Airsoft.

Täällä opetetaan kaikki mitä tarvitset osallistuaksesi areenan peleihin. Et enää tunne olevansa aloittelija ja pystyt kilpailemaan kokeneiden pelaajien kanssa. Sinua opetetaan käsittelemään aseita ja, ampumaan tarkasti, oikean taktiikan suunnittelua, taistelua kaupunkiympäristössä ja paljon muuta.

Koulutus käydään suomen ja venäjän kielellä. Joka torstai on
klo 18:00-19:45.


Huomioithan, että kuulien osumat aiheuttavat mustelmia.


Everything you need to participate in arena games is taught here. You no longer feel like a beginner and can compete with experienced players. You will be taught how to handle weapons and, shoot accurately, design the right tactics, fight in an urban environment, and more.

The training is conducted in Finnish and Russian. Every Thursday is
18: 00-19: 45


Please note that bullet hits cause bruising.


Register on our website and get your first trial for free! if you do not have
own equipment, you can rent the equipment for the first time for free (protective equipment,
gun). You only pay 5€ for the mags in total (three mags with 80 balls each).




1:45 Academy Guided Playtime every Thursday

Unlimited playing time on other days

Waiting area and tennis table for parents (coming soon)

10% discount on all products and services (no café services)

Sleeve badge for graduates at the end of the month (coming soon)

Ticket must be purchased at the cash desk



1:45 Academy Guided Playtime

Waiting area and tennis table for parents (coming soon)

Ticket must be purchased at the cash desk

Mikäli sinulla ei ole varusteita, voit osallistua akatemiaan ostamalla pelipaketin

Täällä löydät pelipaketit akatemia varten.



  1. Choose the right ticket for you. Please note that for the season ticket I need my own profile on our website. You can create a profile here

  2. Read the arena rules here

  3. If you are under 16 years old. you need a guardian's consent permit, which you can download here

  4. Register on our website and register for the academy through the game calendar . If necessary, you can report friends with you through one profile. If you want to use the free first trial, you need your own profile on our website. If you are unable to participate for technical reasons, please contact us by e-mail or telephone .

  5. Bring a long-sleeved shirt / hoodie and sports pants.

  6. Arrive on site in about 15 min. before the game.

  7. Tell the cashier what kind of ticket you need. If you are not using your first free trial, be sure to tell your profile name / game name / email address at checkout. If necessary, the staff will verify the identity of the entrant.

  8. Go to the bunk to change clothes if necessary and then go from the gates to the arena.

  9. If you are renting equipment, wait for the staff to sign.

  10. Listen carefully to the instructor's instructions.

  11. Remember to have fun!



Instructor of the ASA Academy



+358 415650392

Mon - Sun 12: 00-18: 00


050 303 8741

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ti-pe           15-20

la                11-20

su               reserve

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