I do not have any equipment. What should I do?


ASA AirSoft Arena offers “all-inclusive” packages. The price of the package starts from 35.00 €/hour and you get a full uniform and protection for the most impressive combat experience in your life. Accept the challenge and fight on the battlefield of ASA AirSoft Arena.


For AirSoft pro players

If you possess full airsoft player equipment, then you certainly know what airsoft is. We invite you to test our Arena and get new skills by fighting at Europe's largest AirSoft Arena. We guarantee a crazy pace of the game and the max level of adrenaline rush. Our prices based on the principle "the more you play the less you pay" start from 14.90 € / hour and less.

There are many of us and we are ready for the battle!


Are you planning a party? Or maybe you want to challenge your colleagues, competitors or even your Boss? Your friend's birthday is coming soon! Or maybe a stag party? ASA AirSoft Arena offers you a wide range of on turn-key basis services " starting from 47.50 €/hour for a fighter. Excellent battle impressions, wonderful rest in the sauna and delicious cuisine are waiting for you at ASA AirSoft Arena.

I do not have enough equipment, what can you offer?


You will find a large selection of airsoft equipment for rent at the Arena. Everything you see at our armoury is available to you. If you run out of ammo in the midst of the battle, that's not a problem. ASA AirSoft Arena offers you different kind of supplies - such as BBs Minttu, Blaster as well as CO2 cartridges and GreenGas. For more details, see below.


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Are you missing your own equipment? No worries! Airsoft business MilGear offers all the necessary equipment at an affordable price!

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