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The largest urban combat shooting range in Europe


The largest in Europe


Different game modes


1700 square meters for the combat


3 floors


Airsoft Arena is the largest urban combat shooting range in Europe open all year round. The city was designed for tactical airsoft games. Lots of different combat modes, three-story buildings, more than 100 weapons, a unique reading of hits and scoring, as well as carefully selected protection make the gaming experience incredibly real and quality.


The arsenal of Airsoft Arena has a wide range of weapons for every taste and color, starting with handguns, assault rifles, shotguns and ending with machine guns, sniper rifles, mines and hand grenades. The VIP weapon collection differs from the base arsenal with more realistic weapon characteristics, for example, such as the recoil and ejection of the cartridge case. To increase the quality of the game, the base arsenal is also equipped with red dot scopes, flashlights and optical scopes. For safety reasons, the maximum speed of the plastic ball is set to 120 m / s.

Shooting gallery and broadcasting of games

On the first floor of the complex, there is a shooting gallery with four tracks with an interactive screen. You can pass the time there, developing pistol and assault rifle shooting skills or learning, with the help of an instructor, the principles of airsoft weapons. You can watch all the actions going on at the arena on the monitors located in the cafe. You will never miss the time to enter the battlefield, as the room is equipped with signal lights, warning of the start of a new fight in advance.

No army can fight on an empty stomach.

The café has a wide variety of drinks: coffee, tea, juice, soda, energy drinks, beer, and bottled water. Our food menu offers a great choice of sandwiches, salads, pastries, pies and of course pancakes with various fillings (cooked in your presence). Taking into consideration our customers’ needs, we continuously update the menu. Along with the cafe, we provide restaurant catering services through our partners.


Soldiers must be well fed and clean.
An untidy soldier does not inspire confidence.
Sauna price is 50€/h.


Lompakoita, puhelimia, timantteja, maitohampaita, äidin valokuvia ja muita arvotavaroita varten asiakkaiden on käytössä säilytyslokerot. Lokerot sijaitsevat asehuoneessa ja ovat koko ajan videovalvonnan alla. Vaatelokeroita varten tarvitsen oman kaappi lukon. 

Women's changing room

Opposite to what is popularly believed, Airsoft Arena is an excellent sporting leisure for girls and women. It is here, at the arena, you can find out who he is - the man who stands next to you. We shall be happy to see you in the ranks of our game teams! Women have their own comfortable changing room and sauna. See you at the arena


Lots of different sniper rifles


More than 35 different handguns


A large number of special weapons


25 different assault rifles


Will you be fighting on the side of evil, acting as an agent or will you be a professional from special forces in a rescue mission? It is up to you - take your decision and participate with the team in challenging missions, which you will hardly find anywhere else.

Private office

By registering on the site, you will have access to your private office. It will gradually show you all the detailed game statistics, including victories and defeats, number of completed tasks, counting of hits and injuries, as well as their characteristics, for example, such as headshots. All this in aggregate will give you points, which will lead to the title of the best fighter of the arena. The more games you take part in, the higher your game title will be.

Street level

The game starts on a street level, from where players can freely move deep into the city. In addition to the three buildings on the street level, there is a kiosk, a burnt car and a tree, offering a simple temporary protection. The premises of the first floor of the buildings are furnished offices. Be careful, as part of the office walls might be shot through. The emergency exits are at the end of the arena.

Second floor

The second floor windows and balconies offer an excellent opportunity to conduct a targeted fire. Having been entrenched here, you will provide yourself with good firing positions. That's why the storming of the second floor might be a kind of test which will demand cohesion, discipline and excellent planning from your team.

Third floor

According to the intelligence report the premises of the third floor suit excellently sniper positions. It's an incredibly hard target, and the takeover of that position will require a lot of effort from you. But the excellent overview, you might have from above, will give you a chance to control almost the entire playing field.

HUOM! Julkisissa peleissä kolmas kerros ei ole käytössä.


All the rooms of Airsoft Arena, without any exception, are equipped with video surveillance cameras. The weapons and equipment have special sensors to prevent their removal outside the complex. We would like your game experience to be not only high-quality, but also safe. Please report incidents of vandalism and theft to the administration. The violation of the rules and property damage will be punished by the fine to compensate the damage; the violator will be banned from visiting the arena; the sanctions provided by the legislation of Finland will be applied as well.


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