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General safety and security policies at ASA Airsoft Arena

These rules apply to all the customers of ASA Airsoft Arena.

Safety Regulations

1. It is up to the client to make sure that the services offered by ASA Airsoft Arena suite him. If necessary, he has to consult with a doctor. The participation in games and training always takes place at one's own responsibility. The client agrees to use the equipment and accessories according to the instruction. Having entered the shooting range, the client has always to observe the safety rules and instructions of the instructor.
2. Because of the risk of injury, children under the age of 16 may practice and participate in games only after ASA Airsoft Arena receives a written permission from their parents.
3. ASA Airsoft Arena does not approve the use of doping or drugs. The staff and the client are not allowed to use any substances that increase efficacy (doping) or drugs. The exception is the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Doping drugs are the substances listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Smoking is not allowed in any of the premises of ASA Airsoft Arena. It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol or intoxicants, as well as substances prohibited by the legislation of Finland on the playing field of ASA Airsoft Arena. Alcohol drinking is allowed only in the marked area.
4. A person who is under the influence of alcohol or other substances is immediately removed from the ASA Airsoft Arena playing field.

Rules of conduct at ASA Airsoft Arena

1. It is forbidden to bother other customers. Sale of various goods and services at ASA Airsoft Arena without permission is prohibited.
2. Video shooting and photography in the premises of the arena without permission of the ASA Airsoft Arena employee is forbidden.
3. The client should use clean clothes for the activities and shoes for internal use, as well as take care of personal hygiene. Shaving or hair removal is not allowed in the shower premises.
4. The client must take people with allergy problems into consideration and use perfume reasonably.

5. All players must leave the game field and lockers at the time ASA Airsoft Arena is closed.
6. ASA Airsoft Arena shall not be liable for any loss or damage to valuables.

If the customer violates these rules or just behaves inadequately, as well as intentionally damages the property of ASA Airsoft Arena, then the client is punished by compensating for the damage. ASA Airsoft Arena has also the right to withdraw the customer's subscription.

If there are any complaints regarding the conveniences, service or the ASA Airsoft Arena personnel, please report this immediately to the administrator of ASA Airsoft Arena. All the contact information can be found at www.airsoft-arena.fi.

Thank you for following our general safety and security policies. By doing that, you make your visit to ASA Airsoft Arena safe and comfortable.


1. For understandable reasons, firearms and cold weapons are prohibited.
2. Safety glasses are mandatory, because airsoft guns are used in the game. Safety glasses must protect eyes 100%.
3. The power of airsoft weapons is checked on the chronometer. The maximum permissible power is 1,4 J.
4. Do not shoot your opponent player if he, for some reason, does not have safety glasses, but instead, warn him and inform the organizer of the game.
5. The first step in a code of safety violation is the verbal warning. In the case of repeated violations, a player may be excluded from the game and a ban might be imposed on his participation in the following games.

Player elimination in the game

1. A direct hit to any part of the body means the player elimination in the game. This includes the clothes, headgear and the equipment attached to the players that prevent the ball to hit the body directly. A hit to the weapon and equipment which are not on the way to the body is not considered to be a direct hit.
2. Ricochets are not counted as hits.
3. Balls that pass through a bush, lawn or other thin material are considered to be hits, even if their flight trajectory has changed.
4. A hit from your own team (friendly fire) is counted, too.
5. An eliminated player has to shout "KILLED!”, hold the weapon over his head for other players to see that the player has been eliminated and leave the battlefield going to the respawn.
6. The eliminated players should not talk to other players until they return to the game.
7. The use of the following is prohibited:
- Flashbangs (more than 80 dB)
- Any explosive Grenades. Only ASA  e
xplosive Grenades are allowed.
A player is considered to be hit if a grenade explodes at the distance of three meters from him or if a grenade ball hits any part of the body.

No physical contact

1. It is prohibited to hold another player by grasping his weapons or equipment.
2. "Eliminating with a knife" is an exception. One does it by using a knife to touch the opponent gently. Pauses

1. If the game has already started, it will not be stopped, but only in case of an emergency, for example because of a player's injury.
2. The players who cannot continue the game for any reason, report "being hit” and leave the game.
3. During the game, a player is responsible for taking breaks. ASA Airsoft Arena does not compensate for the time spent by the player on breaks.


1. We hope that the players will be honest and friendly. The players, who do not follow the rules and behave inadequately, might be excluded from the game. This policy will ensure good relations between players and a good game.
2. Follow the rules of the game.


1. ASA Airsoft Arena uses red and yellow armbands. Take 2 armbands (for right and left hands). If you do not have them, you can buy them at the arena (see section “price”).

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