For AirSoft pro players

If you possess full airsoft player equipment, then you certainly know what airsoft is. We invite you to test our Arena and get new skills by fighting at Europe's largest AirSoft Arena. We guarantee a crazy pace of the game and the max level of adrenaline rush. Our prices based on the principle "the more you play the less you pay" start from 9.90 € / hour and less.


Tarjous ei koske yksityistapahtumia, synttäripaketteja ja kuukausilippuja


Aloittelija alennus

20% Alennus uusille pelaajille

Alennuksia ei voi yhdistää muihin tarjouksiin tai alennuksiin.

Jotta alennus astuisi voimaan, pitää rekisteröityä meidän nettisivulla 

CURRENT PRICES 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2019

1h ticket

  • 1 hour game time

  • Valid only for one hour

  • Can be loaded to personal profile

  • Can be payed only on reception

Price 9,90

Day ticket

  • Whole day game time

  • Can be payed only on reception

  • Valid only for one day

Price 24,90

10 hours ticket

  • 10 hours game time

  • Personal profile is needed

  • Can be payed only on reception

  • Can be only loaded to personal profile

Price 59,90

Month Subscription 

  • 1 month game time

  • Subscription

  • Can be paid only through the website

  • Personal profile is needed

  • 5% alennus yksityistapahtumista ja synttäreistä

  • 10% alennus kuulien/kaasun oston yhteydessä

Price 45,00

1 One year ticket

  • Coming soon


Breaking the rules

The customer card is personal. It is forbidden to transfer it to other hands for using the services of the ASA Airsoft Arena. In case of violation, the card is withdrawn, the subscription is canceled and the violators are included in the black list for a period of 3 months. During this time, violators can use the services of ASA Airsoft arena only at normal prices without the possibility of using the subscription system.

Ota yhteyttä

050 303 8741

Yleisimmät tiedot

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ti-pe           15-20

la                11-20

su               varaus


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