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ASA/LAФ Academy

You are young and want to learn airsoft tactics? Join the LAФ Academy!

What is an ASA Academy?

ASA Academia is a speedsoft-focused training where the player's speed, accuracy, intuition and team work are tested. Our team has been around for over 10 years. Over the years, we have gathered around 150 active members and participated in many competitions that we have almost always managed to stack. In the workouts, the technique is practiced to move smoothly with the weapon and the weapon is handled.

Attention! You can join the LAФ Academy if you are 8 years old or more. Also remember to fill the parental consent for children.



    Связной - связь с клиентами
       +358 40 417 3151
Вторник - Воскресенье 10 :00- 19:00

Для клиентов

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